According to the Daily Mail, he is from a place called Yate which is a small town just a few miles north of Bristol. The book also contains some writings by Banksy, words he used to first introduce himself and his ideas to the world.

When most people think of graffiti they think of poorly sprayed letters on public property by some kids. Few are familiar with artist like Miss Van, Blek Le Rat, Banksy or Blu. In fact Graffiti is the oldest for of art, was it not graffitti that the cave men put on the walls of there homes portraying there Gods and prey?

The photo collage is an amazing invention which allows you to have many photos put together into one image which can be printed on canvas. With the help of a photo collage you can display all your family photos in your home on one piece of quality canvas printing. The photo collage is printed on stunning HD satin with excellent photo reproduction. The photo collage will be designed by the quality canvas printing company so it is the easiest thing in the world for you – simply upload the photos and then sit back and relax.

Banksy’s stenciled graffiti’s have humorous and attractive images, and sometimes with slogans as well. He always conveys a message through his images. They are usually pro-freedom, anti-war, anti-establishment or ant-capitalist related. The subjects of his graffiti are often rats, monkeys, elderly, children, police officers, and soldiers. He also designs stickers and makes sculptors. He was also responsible for Blur’s 2003’s album ‚Think Tank’s’ cover art.

Redcliffe Caves. Sneaking beneath the surface of St Mary Redcliffe lie a labyrinthine weaving of underground passages known as Redcliffe caves. They cover around 3 acres of land and the tunnels extend from nearby the Ostrich Inn towards Temple Meads railway station. These caves are the result of 15th to 18th century mine workings here. The main product was fine sand, which was used to make glass, such as the utterly distinctive Bristol Blue Glass. Myths and tales abound of these caves’ associations with smuggling and hidden treasure and some believe that slaves were kept underground here during Bristol’s dark age of slave trading.

Drawing is a skill, vision is natural. You will always be able to draw, but the difference between someone that can draw and someone that can perform art is all in the vision. The likes of banksy and many over artists all have the vision, which is why they are one of the finest artists around. But it only takes a little education of art, for you to become a confident drawer.

The artist had long – but not too carefully – guarded his actual identity, wearing a black kerchief or ski mask to hide his face when he gave interviews about the „anarchist” nature of his street art. „Put simply, I want to teach people in this country to tell lies from the truth and to tell bad from good. This is what our people still cannot do,” Pasha P183 recently said on television, his balaclava in place. In the old days in Russia, that would have been grounds for arrest or led to his disappearance. Maybe things have not changed all that much.

When you have built up your confidence, you should then join a variety of classes. This way you will not only have a tutor teaching you the ins and outs, but you will also be able to socialise with other artists.

It’s become easy to spot Banksy art because it is so distinctive. He’s a fan of stenciling, and began doing so once he noticed that it is a time saver. Allowing him to create expressive art in a smaller amount of time. You can always expect the unexpected.

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