Banksy To Hold First New York Show

Do you want to know why Bristol was chosen as the location for E4’s award-winning teen drama ‚Skins’? The answer is so simple. Bristol is cool! Thanks to ongoing urban regeneration projects, and a council and local community that really care about their home, Bristol is now one of the UK’s hippest, and most up and coming cities.

Banksy’s handiwork has taken him around the UK and abroad. Many of his „famous” pieces are in London and there are other works attributed to him much further afield.

Redcliffe Caves. Sneaking beneath the surface of St Mary Redcliffe lie a labyrinthine weaving of underground passages known as Redcliffe caves. They cover around 3 acres of land and the tunnels extend from nearby the Ostrich Inn towards Temple Meads railway station. These caves are the result of 15th to 18th century mine workings here. The main product was fine sand, which was used to make glass, such as the utterly distinctive Bristol Blue Glass. Myths and tales abound of these caves’ associations with smuggling and hidden treasure and some believe that slaves were kept underground here during Bristol’s dark age of slave trading.

Banksy’s stenciled graffiti’s have humorous and attractive images, and sometimes with slogans as well. He always conveys a message through his images. They are usually pro-freedom, anti-war, anti-establishment or ant-capitalist related. The subjects of his graffiti are often rats, monkeys, elderly, children, police officers, and soldiers. He also designs stickers and makes sculptors. He was also responsible for Blur’s 2003’s album ‚Think Tank’s’ cover art.

Before learning more about banksy, it’s helpful to know a bit of background about street art. Those who oppose it will often call it „graffiti” in a tone that lets you know they definitely do not approve. Those who appreciate it for its ability to beautify and deliver an often much needed message might call his work graffiti artwork, stencil graffiti, sticker art, or street poster art.

His second book, also self-published, is called Existencilism and appeared in 2002. This book is in color and in it Banksy’s unique sense of humor is more evident than in his previous work. It contains photographs of street art from Barcelona, London and San Francisco. It also contains original drawings and paintings.

Tagging is the original way to do graffiti. In tagging you use straight up spray paint and your hands to design jaw-dropping art. The biggest difference here is the quality of the paint you use. If you are just starting out, simple spray paint from Walmart or Home Depot is the best way to go. Its cheap, and if you are new, you are going to want to cheap paint. (since you might mess up a lot).

That Pasha P183 has died at 29 is mysterious and disturbing, in itself. That no details are available three days later is more disturbing. Was it murder? Was it a political assassination? And will the Russian – and world – public ever learn the truth?

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