Do you want to know why Bristol was chosen as the location for E4’s award-winning teen drama ‚Skins’? The answer is so simple. Bristol is cool! Thanks to ongoing urban regeneration projects, and a council and local community that really care about their home, Bristol is now one of theRead More →

Batman was always my favourite super hero. He had it all, the suit, the cars, the cape and of course the girls. His courageous and often death defying escapades thrilled me down to my little cotton socks as a boy, and if I’m honest, they still do. One thing IRead More →

When most people think of graffiti they think of poorly sprayed letters on public property by some kids. Few are familiar with artist like Miss Van, Blek Le Rat, Banksy or Blu. In fact Graffiti is the oldest for of art, was it not graffitti that the cave men putRead More →